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We offer hemp leaves without seeds and twigs, ideal for preparing homemade hemp teas, oils and ointments. These leaves are rich in beneficial CBD and are carefully selected to...

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Introducing Cookie with 200 mg of CBD from America, designed to support a healthy lifestyle and provide relaxation. This delicious treat is made using high-quality CBD from...

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Captivating "Bubble Gum" cartridges are a revolutionary way to combine the nostalgic sweetness of chewing gum with a high-quality 1ml THC-B extract. This unrepeatable...

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Introducing Animapet™ 5% CBD - Norwegian Salmon Oil with 500mg CBD, a veterinary approved product designed specifically for dogs. This product is an excellent natural...

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Introducing Kalamata Olive Oil with the addition of CBD – extra virgin olive oil from the best Kalamata olives, now enriched with CBD for its maximum beneficial effect on the...

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Get ready to indulge your senses with our handcrafted Raspberry CBD Jellies. These delicious treats are enriched with first-class broad-spectrum hemp extract, giving you not...

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Discover hand-crafted jellies that are carefully enriched with first-class broad-spectrum CBD extract and an enticing sour cherry flavor. Each candy is full of the...

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Throw away all the monotony of regular cartridges and raise your vaping experience to a whole new level with our CATline series, which boasts an irresistible Cola aroma. Get...

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Welcome to the revolutionary DisPOD with a refreshing Frosty Mint scent, filled with 0.5ml of our exclusive HHCP-O extract. This fragrance hits you with the power of ice-pure...

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Experience a new wave of sensory pleasure with DisPOD 0.5ml, a Vanilla Epic aroma that brings a breakthrough experience to your taste buds. This DisPOD contains the perfect...

Vape pen THC B Bubble gum
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The "Bubble Gum" vaporizer is an unrivalled sensory experience where the sweet essence of bubble gum blends harmoniously with 1ml of our premium THC-B extract. This unique...

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Meet the new product in our offer, DisPOD with an exotic Piña Colada scent, loaded with 0.5 ml of THC-B extract. This delicious blend of sweet pineapple and creamy coconut milk...

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Introducing the revolutionary THC-B DisPOD with the mesmerizing scent of White Widow, packed with 0.5ml of THC-B extract. White Widow is recognized around the world for its...

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Discover a deep and rich experience where the sweetness of cherries meets your senses. This unique moment comes with 1ml of our premium HHCPO extract, where the sweet cherry...

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We are innovating in the field of beekeeping by bringing to the market a unique Czech honey enriched with 1000 mg of CBD from our top broad-spectrum hemp extract. We obtain it...

CBD 0020
Vape pen THC B COLA
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The CATline vape pen with Cola flavor provides a unique sensory experience, combining the sweet smell of Cola and high-quality HHCP-O extract in a volume of 1 ml. This Cola...

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CBD Menthol Gum - chewing gum with a high CBD content. Perfect for travel, school or work. Fast effect and effective absorption of cannabidiol. It helps reduce stress, increase...

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