The hemp derivative HHCPO is the future that goes beyond what is possible. HHCPO, fully known as hydroxyhexahydrocannabinol, is an innovative alternative to HHC that delivers a stronger and cleaner vaping experience. Our carefully selected line includes premium HHC-PO cartridges and HHC-PO vape foams that are designed for maximum enjoyment and potency. If you're looking for an alternative to traditional cannabis products that offers better effects and new options, HHCPO is your answer. Explore our wide range of products and discover how HHCPO can enrich your vaping experience.


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We present to you the freeze-dried cannabis flower of the Northern Light variety, enriched with 10% HHCPO extract, which represents a breakthrough in cannabis cultivation. Its...

HHCPO květy 1
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from 8,07 €

Enriched with 12% HHCP-O extract, Nano Strawberry represents a new dimension in the field of cannabis flowers with an irresistible strawberry aroma that will captivate you...

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14,57 €

Throw away all the monotony of regular cartridges and raise your vaping experience to a whole new level with our CATline series, which boasts an irresistible Cola aroma. Get...

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18,52 €

Welcome to the revolutionary DisPOD with a refreshing Frosty Mint scent, filled with 0.5ml of our exclusive HHCP-O extract. This fragrance hits you with the power of ice-pure...

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18,52 €

Experience a new wave of sensory pleasure with DisPOD 0.5ml, a Vanilla Epic aroma that brings a breakthrough experience to your taste buds. This DisPOD contains the perfect...

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24,06 €

Discover a deep and rich experience where the sweetness of cherries meets your senses. This unique moment comes with 1ml of our premium HHCPO extract, where the sweet cherry...

Vape pen THC B COLA
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26,08 €

The CATline vape pen with Cola flavor provides a unique sensory experience, combining the sweet smell of Cola and high-quality HHCP-O extract in a volume of 1 ml. This Cola...

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HHC-PO are the latest advances in cannabis derivatives. Every HHC-PO cartridge and vape pen in our range is made with precision and a focus on quality, guaranteeing a satisfying and intense experience with every puff. Whether you're a seasoned cannabis collector looking for new ways to deepen your experience, or a newcomer to vaping looking for a reliable and effective alternative, our HHCPO products are here to provide you with

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