CBD Animapet salmon oil 5% for dogs - 10 ml

Introducing Animapet™ 5% CBD - Norwegian Salmon Oil with 500mg CBD, a veterinary approved product designed specifically for dogs. This product is an excellent natural alternative for solving a number of health problems that our four-legged friends can suffer from. It is suitable for all dog breeds and is known for its ability to support appetite, contribute to the treatment of inflammatory conditions, improve muscle regeneration and protect against daily stress.

Brand: Czech CBD
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Category: Cannabinoids
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A reliable helper for your four-legged friends
Animapet™ with CBD is a proven natural alternative for wide veterinary use, thanks to its versatile beneficial properties. This oil can significantly improve the living conditions of your dogs without the risk of side effects. Our formula does not contain any THC or terpenes, which can be unsuitable or even harmful for dogs and cats. Instead, it is only rich in cannabidiol, salmon oil and other cannabinoids, making it suitable for all dog breeds.

Is it a safe product?
What we should know about CBD
It is important to note that CBD is not psychoactive or toxic. CBD oil has therapeutic properties and is safe for both human users and pets. Other benefits are its many positive effects in the fight against various health problems. Animapet™ is also rich in essential nutrients such as omega fatty acids and contains healthy fats, protein and is a significant source of calcium, iron, magnesium and phosphorus, contributing to the overall health of your animal companion.

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