THC-B disPOD White Widow, 0,5ml

Introducing the revolutionary THC-B DisPOD with the mesmerizing scent of White Widow, packed with 0.5ml of THC-B extract. White Widow is recognized around the world for its unmistakable clean scent, enriched with notes of citrus, a delicious spicy blend complemented by a subtle hint of pepper. This vaporizer will bring you a wave of pleasant sensations that will gradually develop into deep joy and satisfaction.

What's more, this exceptional product is fully EU-CEG certified, guaranteeing its high quality and safety.

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Brand: Czech CBD
20,06 €
Category: THC-B
Weight: 0.1 kg
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DisPOD with White Widow aroma, containing 0.5 ml of THC-B extract, is ready to enrich your vaping experience. This stylish, disposable electronic vaporizer is designed to produce only a minimal amount of vapor, making it an ideal choice for those who prefer discreet vaping. Whether you are just starting out on your vaping journey or are already an experienced user, this product offers you a pleasant and discreet experience without creating large clouds.

What is THC-B disPOD?

The legendary White Widow stands out with its unmistakable clean aroma, which is complemented by citrus nuances and a spicy, slightly peppery note, bringing a balanced and pleasant experience. This vape pen has been carefully developed to give you the highest possible level of comfort and relaxation every day. A refill with 0.5ml of premium THC-B extract ensures that every puff is full of flavor and quality.

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