CBD honey - 1000 mg CBD

We are innovating in the field of beekeeping by bringing to the market a unique Czech honey enriched with 1000 mg of CBD from our top broad-spectrum hemp extract. We obtain it directly from local beekeepers operating in the territory of the Czech Republic, who perform their work with the utmost care and are a guarantee of the highest possible quality of honey.

Brand: Czech CBD
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Category: Cannabinoids
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Natural Sweetness and Healing Power in One

Authentic Taste from the Czech Meadow

Discover the unique harmony of the natural properties of honey with the beneficial effects of CBD. Our honey, which is of high quality and not over-sweetened, is considered one of the most effective carriers of CBD to the human body. The monosaccharides in the honey ensure its excellent absorption and, in combination with a well processed CBD extract, create a perfect synergy that allows the body to use the full potential of both substances.

Czech Honey from meadow: Unmistakable Enjoyment

Our honey comes from small Czech beekeepers who are synonymous with uncompromising quality. The result is honey with a distinctive and authentic taste, produced with care and love right in the heart of the Czech Republic.

One teaspoon contains approximately 15 mg of active CBD.
The entire package provides approximately 68 teaspoons.
Weight: 350 g
Everything is proudly produced in the Czech Republic.


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