HHCP-O CATline disPOD Vanilla Epic, 0,5 ml

Experience a new wave of sensory pleasure with DisPOD 0.5ml, a Vanilla Epic aroma that brings a breakthrough experience to your taste buds. This DisPOD contains the perfect symbiosis of irresistible vanilla sweetness and our premium 0.5ml HHCPO extract, making it a real treat for lovers of exceptional flavors.

It is proudly included among the EU-CEG certified products, which guarantees its high standard and reliability. Treat yourself to the luxurious touch of Vanilla Epic and let yourself be carried away into a world where every cover is a sweet tribute to your senses.

Brand: Czech CBD
18,52 €
Category: HHCPO
Weight: 0.1 kg
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Here comes your new silent sidekick, the HHCPO disPOD 0.5ml with a touch of Vanilla Epic, representing the essence of discretion in the world of vaping. This nifty and stealthy disposable electronic vaporizer has been developed with an emphasis on minimalist vapor delivery, which sets it apart from its more robust counterparts.

Perfect for discreet puffing, it has won the hearts of both newbies and vaping veterans who want to enjoy their vaporizer without the unnecessary attention that a large cloud of vapor attracts.

Treat yourself to an escape to vanilla paradise with the scent of Vanilla Epic, which will enrich your moments with a feeling of joy, relaxation, creative stimulation and improve your appetite. With this disPOD 0.5 ml, discover how the end of the day can be even sweeter and more relaxing.

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