HHCPO Vape pen CATline Cola 1 ml

The CATline vape pen with Cola flavor provides a unique sensory experience, combining the sweet smell of Cola and high-quality HHCP-O extract in a volume of 1 ml. This Cola essence is perfect for lifting your mood, relieving stress, stimulating creativity and supporting your appetite.

This product is certified according to EU-CEG standards, which confirms its exceptional quality and compliance with safety standards.

Brand: Czech CBD
26,08 €
Category: HHCPO
Weight: 0.1 kg
Vape pen THC B COLA
New Tip


A new product is coming to the vaporizer market - the CATline vape set with Cola essence offers a wonderful sensory pleasure, where the popular cola aroma is combined with 1 ml of first-class HHCPO extract. This specific Cola scent is perfect for brightening your day, providing stress relief, stimulating your creativity and increasing your appetite. Treat yourself to it and experience a new dimension of relaxation and well-being.

What is HHCP-O Vape pen?

Cola flavor is known for its unique combination of sweetness, light acidity and spicy nuances, which together create a refreshing and stimulating taste experience. The perfect way to improve your mood, relieve daily stress and anxiety and enrich your taste buds. Try the smooth hemp derivative HHCP-O today.

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