HHCP-O CATline disPOD Frosty Mint, 0,5 ml

Welcome to the revolutionary DisPOD with a refreshing Frosty Mint scent, filled with 0.5ml of our exclusive HHCP-O extract. This fragrance hits you with the power of ice-pure mint that blends perfectly with our highly potent extract, giving you a deeply intense and refreshing experience.

This product is officially registered in the EU-CEG registry, which ensures its highest quality and safety standards. Treat yourself to this DisPOD with the scent of Frosty Mint and let yourself be carried away on a wave of endless freshness and purity that will revive your senses and bring a new impulse to every day.

Brand: Czech CBD
18,52 €
Category: HHCPO
Weight: 0.1 kg
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Introducing a whole new era of vaping with the Frosty Mint disPOD, which delivers a delicately balanced yet intensely refreshing experience. This elegant 0.5ml DisPOD is a masterpiece designed for those who prefer a sophisticated but discreet vaping where the essence dominates the visual effect of the vapor.


Discover the power of Frosty Mint, which will not only oxygenate your senses, but also release tension, stimulate your creativity and awaken your taste buds. This fragrance is your key to deep relaxation and brings unexpected depths of vaping, where every puff is like the first breath of spring freshness.

Perfect for every moment

Whether you are going to freshen up on hot summer days or just need an instant breath freshener with a calming effect, Frosty Mint is your ideal companion. Its unmistakable scent brings not only refreshment, but also a harmonizing feeling of cleanliness and freshness to your day. Enter the world where Frosty Mint redefines the vaping experience and sets new trends in vaping.

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