CBD Jelly 250 mg Sour Cherry

Discover hand-crafted jellies that are carefully enriched with first-class broad-spectrum CBD extract and an enticing sour cherry flavor. Each candy is full of the characteristic taste of ripe cherries and contains 25 mg of CBD, ensuring both great taste and the potential benefits of CBD.

Brand: Czech CBD
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Category: Cannabinoids
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Sweet-Bitter Delicacy with 10 mg of CBD in Each Piece
Enjoy our sweet cherry-flavored jelly candies, lovingly made in our own confectionery workshop. These treats offer a pleasant fruity taste with the typical mild bitterness that is a sign of quality hemp CBD extract, with each candy containing 10 mg of CBD.

Quality For Demanding
Uncompromising quality stands behind our products. We offer the same delicious taste and unchanged pure formula, but with a higher CBD content for those looking for a stronger boost. Without the use of chemicals, for real enjoyment.

Natural Aroma Without Compromise
To achieve the perfect cherry flavor and aroma, we avoid the use of any chemical or synthetic additives. The characteristic taste and aroma of our CBD jellies is ensured by a high proportion of real fruit. Even the color of our jellies is natural, derived from the fruit used, which is just one of the many aspects that distinguish our products from others on the market.

Ideal Choice for Beginners
Our edible CBD jellies are perfect for newbies to CBD who want to avoid the traditional cannabis taste. At the same time, they are an excellent choice for those looking for an easy and unobtrusive way of consumption.

Czech Production with an Emphasis on Quality
All our CBD candies are carefully and hand-made directly in the Czech Republic, with maximum attention to detail and quality. During production, we pay attention to quality control and minimize the environmental burden, including the unnecessary transportation of goods over long distances. This represents our philosophy not only for our premium CBD products.

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