Do you like hemp products that are produced and grown in the best conditions? You've come to the right place. We offer a full range of hemp products, whether it be CBD, CBG, or the now booming HHC. All Cannabinoids are compounds found in the cannabis plant. The most well-known cannabinoid is THC (Delta-9-THC), which is the primary compound in cannabis. All products are structurally very related to the classic THC.

All products originate from the Czech Republic, the USA, the Netherlands and Austria. The products are manufactured in specialised laboratories, where they are worked in the most hygienic environment possible, so that the properties of the products are not damaged and contamination does not occur. Don't hesitate to order CBD, CBG and your favourite HHC today.

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6,69 €

We offer hemp leaves without seeds and twigs, ideal for preparing homemade hemp teas, oils and ointments. These leaves are rich in beneficial CBD and are carefully selected to...

HHC P Joint
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from 7,44 €

The Bender HHC-P joint is an extraordinary experience thanks to its unique mix of OG flower and HHC-P. With every hit of this joint, you will find yourself on a magical journey...

HHCPO květy 1
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from 7,84 €

We present to you the freeze-dried cannabis flower of the Northern Light variety, enriched with 10% HHCPO extract, which represents a breakthrough in cannabis cultivation. Its...

HHCPO květy 1
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from 8,07 €

Enriched with 12% HHCP-O extract, Nano Strawberry represents a new dimension in the field of cannabis flowers with an irresistible strawberry aroma that will captivate you...

HHC P Květy OG lady
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from 8,47 €

A unique cannabis variety called OG Lady is a flower with a medium 8% HHC-P content, grown under greenhouse conditions. This strain combines premium American genetics with the...

HHC p květy 1g
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from 8,67 €

Premium cannabis flower from our special greenhouse collection with 15% HHC-P content is the result of a precise cross between top American genetics and classic European...

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8,83 €

Introducing Cookie with 200 mg of CBD from America, designed to support a healthy lifestyle and provide relaxation. This delicious treat is made using high-quality CBD from...

HHC-P hašiš
from 10,25 €

Introducing an exciting experience for all cannabis enthusiasts. Our HHC-P hash with a unique concentration of 5% HHC-P and 45% H4CBD. Get ready for an unforgettable adventure...

HHCP moonrock
from 10,45 €

HHC-P MoonRock containing HHC-P and H4CBD is the number one MoonRock across cannabis derivatives. This MoonRock is polished to the last detail and can be called the Rolls-Royce...

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14,09 €

Introducing Animapet™ 5% CBD - Norwegian Salmon Oil with 500mg CBD, a veterinary approved product designed specifically for dogs. This product is an excellent natural...

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14,09 €

Introducing Kalamata Olive Oil with the addition of CBD – extra virgin olive oil from the best Kalamata olives, now enriched with CBD for its maximum beneficial effect on the...

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14,57 €

Get ready to indulge your senses with our handcrafted Raspberry CBD Jellies. These delicious treats are enriched with first-class broad-spectrum hemp extract, giving you not...

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14,57 €

Discover hand-crafted jellies that are carefully enriched with first-class broad-spectrum CBD extract and an enticing sour cherry flavor. Each candy is full of the...

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Throw away all the monotony of regular cartridges and raise your vaping experience to a whole new level with our CATline series, which boasts an irresistible Cola aroma. Get...

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18,52 €

Welcome to the revolutionary DisPOD with a refreshing Frosty Mint scent, filled with 0.5ml of our exclusive HHCP-O extract. This fragrance hits you with the power of ice-pure...

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18,52 €

Experience a new wave of sensory pleasure with DisPOD 0.5ml, a Vanilla Epic aroma that brings a breakthrough experience to your taste buds. This DisPOD contains the perfect...

Bubble Gum
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19,35 €

If you're looking for something that will not only awaken your senses to a dancing whirlwind of joy, but at the same time provide a balm for your soul, we've come up with a...

Canadian BLueberry
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19,35 €

If you're craving something that not only elevates your senses to a whole new level, but also envelops you in a cocoon of utter tranquility, then HHC-P Cartridge Canadian...

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Cannabinoids - HHC, THCP, HHC-P, CBD and CBG

Dive into the world of next generation cannabinoids with our exclusive category dedicated to HHC, THCP and HHC-P. These compounds represent the cutting edge of cannabinoid science and offer unique effects and benefits that set them apart from traditional THC. Explore the intricacies of HHC, delve into the powerful properties of THCP, and discover the nuances of HHC-P. Whether you're a cannabinoid enthusiast looking for the latest research or someone curious about the changing landscape of cannabinoid compounds, this category is your entry into understanding the future of cannabinoid innovation.

What cannabinoids can you find in our range?

Innovative Cannabinoids: Learn about the structure, effects and potential uses of HHC, THCP and HHC-P.

Scientific insights: Get access to the latest research and studies exploring the therapeutic and recreational potential of these new compounds.

Legal and Safety Considerations: Be informed about the legal status, safety profiles and responsible use of these next-generation cannabinoids.

Take the challenge of cannabinoid research and discover how HHC, THCP and HHC-P are changing our understanding of cannabis and its possibilities.

What product variants can you find with us?

  • Vape pen
  • Vape cartridge
  • Disposable e-cigarette
  • Cannabis flowers
  • Cannabis oils
  • HHCP Hashish
  • HHCP edibles
  • HHCP joints
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