Buy CBD oils, flowers, capsules and crumbles from our collection of high quality CBD products for sale. Our CBD products provide superior hemp extracts with consistent quality and above all, responsibility towards hygienic handling and processing.

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We offer hemp leaves without seeds and twigs, ideal for preparing homemade hemp teas, oils and ointments. These leaves are rich in beneficial CBD and are carefully selected to...

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Introducing Cookie with 200 mg of CBD from America, designed to support a healthy lifestyle and provide relaxation. This delicious treat is made using high-quality CBD from...

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Introducing Animapet™ 5% CBD - Norwegian Salmon Oil with 500mg CBD, a veterinary approved product designed specifically for dogs. This product is an excellent natural...

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Introducing Kalamata Olive Oil with the addition of CBD – extra virgin olive oil from the best Kalamata olives, now enriched with CBD for its maximum beneficial effect on the...

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Get ready to indulge your senses with our handcrafted Raspberry CBD Jellies. These delicious treats are enriched with first-class broad-spectrum hemp extract, giving you not...

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Discover hand-crafted jellies that are carefully enriched with first-class broad-spectrum CBD extract and an enticing sour cherry flavor. Each candy is full of the...

Cartridge veneno, CBD
23,71 €

The voluminous and impressive fruity scent of the Veneno Hype cartridge for the DiamondPen vaporizer contains 60% CBD and is clearly intertwined with strong strawberry...

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We are innovating in the field of beekeeping by bringing to the market a unique Czech honey enriched with 1000 mg of CBD from our top broad-spectrum hemp extract. We obtain it...

CBD 0020
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29,65 €

CBD Menthol Gum - chewing gum with a high CBD content. Perfect for travel, school or work. Fast effect and effective absorption of cannabidiol. It helps reduce stress, increase...

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