HHC-P flowers

HHC P Joint
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The Bender HHC-P joint is an extraordinary experience thanks to its unique mix of OG flower and HHC-P. With every hit of this joint, you will find yourself on a magical journey...

HHC P Květy OG lady
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A unique cannabis variety called OG Lady is a flower with a medium 8% HHC-P content, grown under greenhouse conditions. This strain combines premium American genetics with the...

HHC p květy 1g
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Premium cannabis flower from our special greenhouse collection with 15% HHC-P content is the result of a precise cross between top American genetics and classic European...

HHC-P hašiš
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Introducing an exciting experience for all cannabis enthusiasts. Our HHC-P hash with a unique concentration of 5% HHC-P and 45% H4CBD. Get ready for an unforgettable adventure...

HHCP moonrock
from 10,45 €

HHC-P MoonRock containing HHC-P and H4CBD is the number one MoonRock across cannabis derivatives. This MoonRock is polished to the last detail and can be called the Rolls-Royce...

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