HHC-P disPOD Magic Apple 1ml

This HHCP disPOD vaping pen is a great choice for those looking for a natural way to boost their mental well-being and physical health. The handy disPOD makes it easy to use and convenient for travel. The Magic Apple flavour will give you a fresh and subtly aromatic experience with a hint of sweet apples, making it the perfect choice for discreet enjoyment. Products containing HHCP provide an effective way to enjoy the benefits of cannabis with a mild and pleasant taste. HHCP is a very related ingredient to HHC and is known for its powerful and lasting effects.

Brand: Kratomit
25,43 €
HHCP disPOD Magic Apple


The HHCP Magic Apple disPOD series is the top of our HHC-P product range. This line is designed as a compact, disposable vape pen that contains a highly concentrated HHC-P distillate for powerful, long-lasting HHCP effects. We recommend a cautious approach for newcomers to vaping, as the effects of HHC-P can take 1-2 hours to kick in.

What is HHCP disPOD with Magic Apple flavour?

For lovers of exotic flavours, we offer the Magic Apple variety, which is a true delight for the senses. With a 1ml blend of HHC-P, H4CBD and terpenes in a ratio of 10% HHCP, 85% H4CBD and 5% terpenes, this variant gives you an unforgettable apple flavour that is fresh and enticing. The god Dionysos himself would be ecstatic about this product, and all of Olympus is jumping for joy in front of this product.

Our company emphasizes the quality of production. HHC-P extract is obtained under the best hygienic conditions with an emphasis on quality and strength!

Discover peace, joy and appetite with our exclusive Magic Apple variety containing HHC-P. Join us and immerse yourself in the world of the gods with the refreshing taste of apple.

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