Maca capsules, 100% organic

Maca capsules 100% BIO, improve health, provide energy and help proper brain function.

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Maca (Lepidium meyenni), also called Peruvian ginseng, has been a popular herbal supplement in the West for years. Maca has reached such a wide audience that its name is now familiar to many people. Maca has been used for thousands of years by the Andean peoples as a staple food. Its ability to grow at altitudes between 4,000 m and 4,500 m is what makes this plant so special. It thrives there because the extreme environment (sub-zero temperatures, harsh sunlight, constant strong winds) favours plants that reside mainly underground, i.e. maca and papas (known as potatoes here).

The two main things maca is known for in the West are its ability to support healthy functions and as a nutritional supplement.

Chinese culture considers Maca to be a divine food because Maca is nutritious and has a tonic effect on the body and mind.

Maca is also traditionally used and found to be useful in the following areas:

Increases stamina/endurance
Helps the body build muscle
Promotes proper brain function
Increases energy
Provide nutritional support
Dosage: The recommended dose is 10 to 30 capsules per day.


Country of origin: Peru




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