BrainMax Testamento, 120 vegetable capsules

Testamento now returns in an improved formulation with five times the amount of zinc and vitamin D. This dietary supplement contains ingredients that have been repeatedly confirmed in recent scientific studies to support the maintenance of normal levels in men (zinc, ashwagandha) and hormonal balance in women (zinc). However, due to current legislation, we cannot report the specific effects of these ingredients.

Brand: BrainMax
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Category: Organic products

BrainMax Testamento, 120 vegetable capsules

Synergetic components in the Testament:

Ashwagandha, broccoli and nettle extract, maca, zinc and vitamin D work together to support hormonal balance in both sexes.
Benefits to the user:

Support normal hormone levels in men with zinc and Peruvian maca
Increase progesterone levels in women with Peruvian maca
Improving sexual libido through ashwagandha and maca
Increase training performance and energy levels through ashwagandha and maca
Reducing estrogen dominance in both sexes through zinc, ashwagandha and maca
Optimization of hormonal functions in both men and women
Recommended Dosage:

Normal days: 4 capsules in the morning with meals
Training days: 4 capsules before training
When combined with Dagger: take either in the morning with a meal or with dinner before bed, then always take Dagger before training

Pomegranate extract, Bio ashwagandha, Nettle extract, Maca extract, Oyster extract, Zinc bisglycinate, Vitamin D3, Broccoli extract, Carnitine tartrate, Black pepper extract.
Safety Warning:

Keep out of reach of children and not suitable for children, pregnant or nursing women.
Follow recommended dosage and do not exceed.
Do not exceed or exceed the recommended dosage. It is not a substitute for a nutritious diet.

Store at room temperature, in a dry and dark place.

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