BrainMax Super BIO Maca Extract, 700 mg, 100 vegetable capsules

Maca is an adaptogen known for its ability to boost strength, endurance and regulate hormones. In particular, it supports the hormonal system of women, helping to alleviate menopausal symptoms such as hot flashes and insomnia, and easing difficulties associated with menstruation. Officially approved health benefits of Maca include support for physical and mental health, stamina, vitality, fertility, sexuality and hormonal balance.

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BrainMax Super BIO Maca Extract, 700 mg, 100 vegetable capsules

When is Maca useful? Maca is ideal for those who feel fatigue and lack of energy or are looking to improve physical and mental performance. This natural superfood provides a wide range of benefits:

Increased energy and stamina: Particularly beneficial for those feeling fatigued.
Support for reproductive health: Positively affects fertility and libido in both sexes.
Regulating hormonal balance: Useful during menopause and menstruation.
Mental health support: May improve mood and reduce symptoms of anxiety and depression.
Improving physical performance: Used by athletes to increase performance and strength.
Support cognitive function and memory: Has a positive effect on cognitive function, including memory and concentration.
Benefits of extract over powder: Maca contains bioactive substances responsible for its effects. The extract is better absorbed and allows for faster and more effective action. Due to the higher concentration of active ingredients in the extract, a smaller dose is needed to achieve the same results. BrainMax Super BIO Maca Extract is available in a 6:1 ratio, which means that each capsule contains 500 mg of extract, equivalent to 3 g of regular Maca powder.

Maca extrakt je dostupný v poměru 6:1, což znamená, že každá kapsle obsahuje 500 mg extraktu, což odpovídá 3 g běžného prášku z Macy.

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